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Our Stylists work on a tier pricing level.  Their price is determined by the availability of the stylist, years in the business, as well as their educational background. Because of this tier pricing, we are unable to quote an exact price until we know the stylist you are requesting.

*Long or thick hair that takes more product and or time may have a slight upcharge.

Haircuts & Style
  • Women's Haircuts
    $17 and up
  • Women's Shampoo and Cut
    $22 and up
  • Men's Haircut
    $15 and up
  • Men's Haircut & Shampoo
    $17 and up
  • Kid's Haircut (5 and under)
    $9 and up
  • Kid's Haircut (5 to 12)
    $11 and up
  • Kid's Shampoo/Haircut/Style
    $15 and up
  • Shampoo and Style
    $13 and up
  • Basic Braiding
    $10 and up
  • Special Occasions & Up-Styles
    $35 and up
Re-texturizing Services
  • Perming
    $55 and up
  • Body Wave
    $55 and up
  • Relaxing
  • Smoothing System
    $125 and up
  • Straightening
    $175 and up

*All re-texturizing services include a haircut and style.

*Your stylist will choose the perfect product to curl or uncurl your hair.  There may be a slight upcharge for thick and/or longer hair lengths.

  • Permanent and Non-Permanent
    $57 and up
  • Hi-Lighting
    $65 and up
  • Low-Lighting
    $65 and up
  • Custom Colors
    $68 and up
  • Shine
    $57 and up

*All color services include your haircut and style.

*We use Paul Mitchell professional hair-colors including *the color XG  * the color *shines XG * PMSHINES *Flash Finish *flashback  *ink works.  Your personal color may include one or more of these products, making your color all you.  Since all hair-color services are customized to your individual head of hair, it makes it difficult to quote an exact price. 

Body Waxing Services
  • Bikini
    $30 and up
  • Brazilian
    $65 and up
  • Leg (full leg)
    $50 and up
  • Back
    $45 and up
  • Under Arms
    $28 and up

*Hair removal by waxing requires that hair is long enough for the wax to grab onto it. Please be sure that hair has a minimum length of ¼” to ensure you have the best results possible for your waxing services.

*Some medications make the skin sensitive to waxing. (A few are Accutane, Retin-a,) If you have any question if you are on a medication that could cause skin sensitivity, please ask one of our waxing specialists, check the warnings on your medication, and/or speak to your doctor.

Facial Waxing Services
  • Eyebrow
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Full Face
Conditioning Treatments
  • Awapuhi Ginger Keratin treatment
    $25 and up
  • Marula oil treatment
    $25 and up

*special offer*

If you add a treatment to an existing hair care service, you can receive the treatment for only $15.00